BAE: Pender Street Steppers + Balza



11.08.2018 / DBDB / 23:59 - 06:30 [curated by Ni Mu & Dabadaba

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Jack Jutson and Liam Butler are house duo Pender Street Steppers, one of the primary acts associated with Vancouver's celebrated Mood Hut collective. The duo's productions are the aural equivalent of leisurely summer strolls, and they generally contain warm chords, brisk beats, and lo-fi production values. The Steppers' first release was 2013's Life in the Zone, a 90-minute mixtape of original productions. Two of the tape's standout tracks, "Openin' Up" and "M Flight," were pressed to vinyl by Washington, D.C. label Peoples Potential Unlimited in 2014, and three more were collected on the Bubble World EP during the same year. Both of these releases, as well as Jutson's solo singles as Jack J, became favorites with underground house DJs and clubgoers, and the duo stepped up their international touring schedule. Third PSS single "The Glass City" was released in 2015, and a typically relaxed self-titled EP appeared in 2017.

BALZA [BET, Haus of Beats / BER]

Balza has been playing music for more than 15 years having passed through many clubs of Euskal Herria and being resident in venues like Sala 3.60 (Arrasate), Ziripot (Bergara) and Sala Jam. It is in this last venue where he had the opportunity, along with 3 friends to be responsible for programming and managing the venue at its final stage.

He is a founding member of the collective, Kogollo Party Krew, which remained active for more than 10 years. His first steps on the radio, were more than 15 years ago, with a program dedicated to hip-hop at Txapa Irratia. For a year and a half, he has been doing the Haus Of Beats program dedicated to electronic music. This is also broadcasted in Txapa Irratia (Bergara), Hala Bedi (Vitoria), KKinzona (Zumarraga / Urretxu) and maybe some more out there ...

He is also co-responsible for the B.E.T (Bergarako Elektronika Topaketa) festival, which celebrated its 4th edition in 2018.

Although he is basically classified as a house DJ, his styles move between ambient / downtempo to less hard techno, including house, disco and electro.

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