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DJ BORING [E-Beamz, Lost Palms, Shall Not Fade, LPH White / AUS]

DJ Boring is the moniker of an Australian-born, London-based house producer who achieved viral success (and a degree of infamy) with his 2016 track "Winona." Characterized by its atmospheric synth pads, slightly jarring bass swoops, and most of all, a poignant sample of Winona Ryder recalling a casting director telling her she wasn't attractive enough to be an actress, the track was uploaded to YouTube in late September of that year, and quickly racked up hundreds of thousands of views. It probably didn't hurt that the Ryder-starring sci-fi/horror series Stranger Things had just become a major pop culture phenomenon that summer. All of a sudden, several journalists questioned the intentions of this unheard-of producer, as well as other ironically named, '90s-loving artists such as Ross from Friends and DJ Seinfeld, and lumped them together as part of a "lo-fi house" craze. Despite its detractors, the song gained an enthusiastic following, and was released on vinyl by E-Beamz at the close of the year.


Alvva's link to music started with a lot of Hip Hop and R & B. Tribe Called Quest, Warren G., Mobb Deep, Ginuwine, R. Kelly, Brandy or Mary J. Blige have been clear influences of their current and unique musical sensitivity more oriented to the club. Its beginnings and maturity as selector and DJ were given thanks to that buoyant scene propitiated by Dabadaba, the most challenging room on the national scene right now. Despite his youth, and in little more than two years, he has shared a booth with artists such as Willow, Rrucculla, Dj Seinfeld, Ewan Pearson, Nite Fleit, Mall Grab or DJ Boring as well as participating in Festivals such as Music & Dealers, clubs like Trill in Razzmatazz or acting in exclusive events of brands such as Adidas.

Alvva has managed to find its own sound location in a crossroads of essential genres such as the Primal House, the UK Garage and the more sidereal Disco. An aesthetic sound that makes it unique to any cabin in southern Europe. Illusion, enthusiasm, purpose and class are the virtues that accurately draw their musical nature. Qualities easily contagious in each of their sessions and never go unnoticed. The future of the club is being invented today and there is no doubt that it belongs to him completely.

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