The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, a parte de tener un nombre muy molón, facturan una rock psicodélico espectacular infusionado con mucho folk y americana 70s. Su último disco, Amerikana, es un flipe. Id a escucharlo y volver corriendo aquí a comprar la entrada. 

"The Stevenson Ranch Davidians has, since 2006, revealed itself in shifting configurations. While the lineup has continually coalesced around lead singer and songwriter Dwayne Seagraves, the collective has always had a guiding vision and goal: to create music that seeks to simultaneously demystify and deify the human experience. ‘Amerikana’ represents a new direction for the band, where the dreamy, flowing sound of albums past is infused with a fresh sense of inspiration, energy and purpose. This is an eclectic, yet cohesive, set of songs that glorify the human spirit while condemning those who seek to destroy it. Seagraves states that 'Amerikana' also celebrates what he views as true magic: human will put to action. Through his songs, he hopes to convey the sense that human beings have been the sole source of all great insights and achievements throughout history, and that power originates from within individuals rather than from gods, governments or other external sources. "

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