ESPIRAL: MARCEL VOGEL (disco, house, funk, GER) + MANCI (DSS)


Gratis hasta la 01:00 am/ 11-15€ (+ copa) después de la 01:00.

Relentless DJ, producer, record splicer, owner of both Amsterdam based labels Lumberjacks in Hell and Intimate Friends. Have we forgotten anything? Marcel Vogel loves Chess, Cheese and Christ. Or better records about Christ. The Gospel of House and Disco is written in his DNA.

Baptized by legends like Theo Parrish and Terrence Parker, Marcel has been DJing for 20+ years with a consistent deep love for Vocal based tracks. This love coupled with an MPC based workflow that merge his songs into a patchwork of samples and live instrumentation give Marcel’s work a sound that sometimes reminds you of Detroit, sometimes of the height of Nu Soul and sometimes it doesn’t sound like anything you know at all.

Manci, nuestro local más ecléctico, abirá la noche con su habitual propuesta sonora que va de funk, disco, afro, soul y jazz.

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