DBDB CLUB NIGHTS: HARRI & DOMENIC, Sub Club 30 Anniversary Tour



Attention now, we are receiving history. Two names:

1) Sub Club , the le-gen-da-ry club in Glasgow celebrates its 30th anniversary. 

Considered by almost everyone the best small club of the world, due to their ambient music, the quality of their sound system (Martin Audio, same as ours!), the line-ups, the consistency and their stage for musical and social delights.

2) Harri & Domenic, the DJ couple has resided in the Sub Club for 25 years now. Two master lessons each month in house and techno is enough to turn their residence into a place of pilgrimage for clubbers all over Europe.

It is an honour for Dabadaba to host this tour accompanying the 30th jubilee in the presence of Harri & Domenic. It is a rarity to see outside of Glasgow, an unique opportunity and a grand fiesta, be assured. 

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